Male Involvement Day

The Salvation Army Syracuse Area services worked to provide another family-focused opportunity. Male Involvement Day encouraged our children’s patriarchs to visit our Syracuse campus and sit in on a morning of activities with their children. Although the morning session focused on male involvement, any parent or guardian was welcomed to attend, see what goes on with The Salvation Army’s educational programming, and simply strengthen the relationship between parent and child.

The classroom was packed with excitement and people. The fathers helped educator, Mr. Shane, serve breakfast, which included mini muffins and juice. After the breakfast snack, all were encouraged to sit on the rug for a story, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin, Jr. The story, which is a popular one among the children, focuses on learning the alphabet with a fun, rhythmic and rhyming text.

Following the story, where children sat with their parents, the families engaged in a book-related arts and crafts activity. To go along with the story line, the parents and their children put together their own coconut trees and added letter-shaped paper punch-outs.

After a couple hours of fun and a concluding social session, it was time to say goodbye, thus proving goodbyes, albeit temporary, are always difficult. Even reasoning — “I have to go to work” or “I’ll see you later” — were inexcusable for some children, who really loved having their parent there to hang out and play.

We thank all who participated, especially the parents who could attend and make their child’s morning much more special.



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