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Every day is a learning experience for us at The Salvation Army Syracuse Area Services. We have over 40 programs across the greater Syracuse, NY area, and we help several thousand on an annual basis. Although we’ve existed for 135 years in Syracuse and know our programs pretty well, there is a lot to learn about the community and the people we serve.

The Salvation Army is known for its red kettles and thrift stores, which is great. The thrift stores help fund our programming, and the red kettles you see during the holiday season are constant reminders of our purpose to help those in need. And frankly, people, especially our numerous and dedicated volunteers, easily get excited about the upcoming Christmas season. It’s wonderful to receive calls and emails requesting to volunteer.

We’re nothing without you.

Aside from our newsletters, letters, this blog and social media, the best way to educate the public about what we do are through tours.

Recently employees of Enterprise Rent-A-Car agency swung by for a tour. Led by CEO, Major David Dean, the 20-plus regional staff members were able to get a look behind the scenes and talk to several Salvation Army staff.

This opportunity was sparked by Enterprise’s affiliation with the United Way of Central New York, and the team was able to visit a few United Way-funded organizations in the Syracuse area, including Provisions and Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection.

The hour-long tour began in our Senior Center and ventured to the Family Shelter, Transitional Apartments and Parenting Center, Infant Child Care Center, and ended at the Emergency Food Pantry.

We greatly appreciate United Way for setting this up, encouraging Enterprise’s Doug Allsbrook and his team to step foot in our doors, learn a little about what we do, and — hopefully — feel a little overwhelmed in the good sense. Contact us today to schedule a tour: 315-479-3610.



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